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TOP Series Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier

TOP Series Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier is widely used for purifying unqualified turbine oil in electric power, chemical, paper, petroleum and metallurgy. It adopt precision filtration, vacuum drying, coalescence separation and three-dimensional spiral atomization technology, which can make aging, acidulated and multi-bubble low-quality oil, serious emulsified turbine oil become clear and transparent after treatment, and reach standard of new oil. TOP Series Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier is a ideal equipment for improve the working efficiency and life of turbine.

1. TOP Turbine Oil Purifier adopts advance technology and design, with a steam turbines online and offline processing, high degree of automation, compact size, mobile and flexible structure.

2. Vacuum oil-water separation system, German vacuum separation technology, spiral spray technology and three-dimensional flash fast evaporation technology with efficient dehydration and degassing capacity.

3. Safe and reliable carbon fiber heating technology to reduce energy consumption and ensure uniform heating oil temperature stability.

4. TOP Turbine Oil Purifier use the imported filters from United States and Germany. Multi-stage precision filters can effectively remove all impurities, and filters can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

5. Imported United States oil pump with sterling fluid system technology, flow capacity up to 30m3 /h, head up to 200 meters, special materials and unique performance.

6. Optional components for Turbine Oil Purifier: Leybold vacuum pump, Schneider electric components, Omron temperature controller, PLC controller, online particle impurities and moisture detector etc.

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