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The Difference of Transformer Oil Purification Machine

In the market, there are many transformer oil purification machine, If the user need a good machine, they should know the difference of them. The transformer oil purification machine has double stages vacuum structure and single stage vacuum structure. Following is introduce of two model, we hope there information can help user choose a better one.
Single stage vacuum transformer oil purification machine only equips one vacuum pump and one vacuum vessel.
Double stages vacuum transformer oil purification machine from different factory also have difference. Firstly, as the double stage vacuum machine is specially used for high voltage transformers, so one vacuum pump is not enough, because the ultimate vacuum value usually -0.095MPa, it is not enough for removing the trace water and gas from oil, so we need use roots vacuum pump to improve the vacuum pressure, and make ultimate vacuum value can reach -0.099MPa,
Secondly, Double stages type also means the double vacuum separators, transformer oil flows through two vacuum separators, it will do two times of dehydration and degasification processing, so it can remove gas and water more completely than one vacuum separator.

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