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Measurement Standard Of Transformer Oil Tester

We developed transformer oil tester according to the standards of IEC156 and ASTM. The following tests we recommended for a complete analysis of transformer oil:

The dielectric breakdown is an indication of the oil`s ability to withstand electrical stress. The most commonly performed test is ASTM D-877, and because of this, it is more readily used as a benchmark value when comparing different results. The oil sample is placed in a test cup and an AC voltage is impressed on it. The electrodes are two discs, exactly 1 in. in diameter and placed 0.10 in. apart.

The voltage is raised at a constant rate, until an arc jumps through the oil between the two electrodes. The voltage at which the arc occurs is considered the dielectric strength of the oil.

For systems over 230 kV, this test is performed using spherical electrodes spaced 0.04 or 0.08 in. apart (ASTM D-1816). Portable equipment is available for performing both levels of this test in the DST automatic transformer oil tester is developed especially for measurement of insulating oil's breakdown voltage, it is unique in the market due to its functionality and the excellent user benefit in comparison to costs. The DST transformer oil tester provides delivers clear and reliable measurement results. It is no longer necessary to send samples to the laboratory. Environmental and transport influence on the samples are minimized. Due to its design, the tester is particularly handy, easy to operate and especially excellent to use under tough ambient conditions. By proper programming, DST transformer oil tester has got functions of auto boosting, step down, stirring, display and print out.

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