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Intelligent Operation Of Oil Filtration Systems

With the upgrading of industrial technology to promote the intelligent development of manufacturing industry, which also improve the automation and intelligent level of manufacturing of Oil Filtration Systems. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Industry and Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued a program about innovation and development of the smart manufacturing equipment, which includes driving innovation of equipment according to user requirement, system integration drive industrial chain perfect, demonstrating the application to promote the principle of industrial development, intelligent manufacturing of Oil Filtration System and special high-voltage oil processing equipment, innovation and industrialization of metallurgy, transmission and distribution equipment, composite material forming, components processing and manufacturing, a number of intelligent production lines, a number of demonstration digital workshop, propulsion control system , Industrial robot, three-dimensional material manufacturing equipment, intelligent manufacturing systems, sensors and measuring instruments, transmission and the implementation of intelligent devices. After efforts of 5-10 years, which can form a more complete system of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and reach the international advanced level.

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