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Choosing A Right Transformer Oil Purifier

High Voltage Transformer oil is suitable for 500KV super HV transformer, it can also as insulation and cooling medium in electric power equipments. When we test transformer oil, SH 0040-91 used in the detection of oil industry standards. Test project for the appearance, color, density (20 degrees Celsius), kinematic viscosity and aniline point, freezing point, pour point, flash point, neutralization value, water soluble acids or alkalis, corrosive sulfur, oxidation stability (precipitation, acid), breakdown voltage and dielectric loss factor (90 degrees), Interfacial tension, trace moisture, gassing, dispersion, and so on.

Particular attentions are:

1. While observing the appearance of oil, oil injection should be 100ML in the graduated cylinder, at 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃ environment Visual, If you look the results disputed, as specified by the GB/T 511 standards for determination of oil content of mechanical impurities.

2. .Oxidation stability, gassing to super high voltage transformer oil project, you should testing at least once a year.

3. When Determination of EHV transformer oil Breakdown voltage and determining the pour point and freezing point, you can use qualitative filter paper filtration..

In the process of oil use, If there is a detection target does not meet SH 0040-91 industry-standard requirements,

you should replace with new oil in time, or use a private transformer oil filtration machine to purify the super HV transformer oil.

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